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About Me


My recent career endeavors have created a harmonious fusion of graphic design and digital marketing, allowing me to create compelling visuals while strategically leveraging them to enhance brand engagement, acquire customers, and drive business growth. This intersection of design and marketing has been the mainspring of my professional journey.


As Owner and Graphic Designer at Magpie's Nest Studio for the past four years, I've been designing and developing content for social media, logos, branding & and identity, marketing collateral, signage, and magazine layouts. I've worked primarily with entrepreneurs and start-ups. In addition, I have worked on social media campaigns and website maintenance, and I understand analytics and some web development. I've also been Chief Ops Officer and Creative Director for a bespoke coffee roaster and mobile cafe. 


Most recently, I had the fantastic opportunity to take on the role of Marketing Director for Ellwood Thompson's. During my time there, I was responsible for all marketing and creative decisions, Ranging from marketing campaigns, social media content, and graphics or signage. One of my favorite campaigns was our "Meet the Locals" event; over two days, there were over 18 local vendors (local is within 100 miles of the store). I ran paid social media ads to drive traffic, and there was a positive increase of over 200% in the products sold by vendors that participated! 


During my 15-year professional career, I have learned that the best experiences are those you can grow and learn from. The three most significant lessons I have learned thus far are that building meaningful connections and creating a community are essential to the foundation of successful businesses and organizations. Secondly, successful leaders motivate and lead their teams by setting an example and holding themselves accountable. Finally, a passion for driving positive results means stepping outside comfort zones and familiarity and thinking "outside the box" for new ways to engage, collaborate, and communicate.


On a personal note...

I'm proud to call Richmond, VA, home; after attending VCU, I decided to stick around to raise a family because RVA is a huge supporter of small businesses, thinkers, and artisans. I also love food trucks ( I have a proud collection of hot-wheel food trucks) and road trips. Someday, I plan to visit every site in the National Park System (all 423); so far, I am up to 107. Well, that's me in a nutshell.

Let us connect soon!

Why Magpie? 

It is said that Magpies symbolize creativity and good fortune and are knowledgeable. They are also fast learners and resourceful. Magpies have beautiful nests made from collected little bits from here and there, coming together to create their nest. Throughout my career, I have taken a few twists and turns, learning many skills. All of which is leading me to build Magpie’s Nest Studio. I love to help people, seeing others grow from the spark I helped ignite! 

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